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KICK-OFF 2018 in USA and Canada together with Wolfgang Jaksch, CEO Swiss Bionic Solutions!

Around 450 people attended the public lectures and rep meetings in USA, Orange County and Canada, Vancouver BC. Wolfgang Jaksch, CEO of Swiss Bionic Solutions hosted several events during his first North America Tour in 2018. Beside educating our valuable clients and prospects on the history, scientific background and effects of PEMF, he also invited more than 150 local SBS LifeStyle Consultants and presented a brief summary of the elapsed fiscal year 2017 and a forecast for 2018. Based on the very successful development resulting in closing 2017 as the most successful year in SBS history, he outlined the global strategy and pending innovations for the year to come. The momentum is clearly kicking in and all attendants were excited to hear the news straight from the horse`s mouth.

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